Proposal Review and Selection

In addition to meeting all of the general eligibility criteria for URC funding, all applications for these joint URC/GACTSA awards must meet the following specific criteria:

  • The proposed research includes a significant (if not complete) focus on translational or patient-oriented research.
  • Patient-oriented research involves human subjects or primary biological samples from human subjects.
  • Translational research may involve any type of translation, (T1, T2, T3, or T4) and should include a discussion of the type of translation.
  • The use of animal models is allowable.
  • Proposals that use only cell lines derived from human tissue are not eligible for these awards.
  • Applicants must check the box on the front page of the URC application indicating that their proposal is directed to the Health and Biological Sciences GACTSA mechanism

Proposals exploring all aspects of clinical and translational biomedical research, including development of biostatistical methodology, bioethics, and assessment of new technologies will be considered. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the GACTSA office to discuss whether their proposed research project is consistent with the clinical translational goals of this support mechanism.

The main review criteria are the fundamental merit of the proposal and the qualifications of the applicant to perform the proposed work. Other criteria also considered in the initial review and subsequent funding decisions are detailed in the general call for URC proposals.  Applications will be evaluated for scientific merit by the URC Biological Sciences Subcommittee. Meritorious proposals will be evaluated for funding by a joint council of URC and GACTSA leadership.

Any applications that are deemed ineligible for this specific URC/GACTSA mechanism will be reviewed by the Biological Sciences Sub-committee and then considered for general URC funding. This will not affect the scientific review or any subsequent funding decisions.

All GACTSA applications submitted through the URC review process will be forwarded to the GACTSA Pilot Grants Program Manager for final review. The Pilot Grants Program Manager and Director of Finance will determine if the selected applications need any additional documentation or clarification before final award notice is made.

Award Administration Information

Award Notices

Once awardees are selected, the Pilot Grants Program Manager will work with the GACTSA Director of Finance to assemble an award notification packet, which includes a standard GACTSA Notice of Award, and guidelines for publication submission and compliance.  The Notice of Award will outline the conditions of the award (amount, duration, allowable/unallowable expenses, reporting requirements, etc.) and other pertinent information. 


GACTSA will rescind pilot funding for awardees whose relevant certifications (CITI, etc.) are not up to date.  Exceptions may be granted by the GACTSA Pilot Grants Program Director.  Up to a one year no-cost extension may be granted by written request with justification accompanied by a brief progress report. 


All awardees are required to submit a progress report for their projects.  The progress report deadline is 60 days past the award period end date.  Failure to submit a timely progress report may result in exclusion from future GACTSA award opportunities and support.  In addition, the GACTSA reserves the right to contact all awardees periodically in the future to continue tracking progress and outcomes of the resulting awards. 


Information about grants awarded under this program will be posted on the GACTSA website.  Applicants must agree to credit URC and GACTSA in any publications, grant applications, and/or intellectual property applications that result from awards.  Citation information will be provided in the Notice of Award. 


Awardees must be able to provide the following items within 60 days from notice of award. 

  • IRB Approval Letter and/or IACUC Approval Letter
  • Approved Protocol

If Human Embryonic Stem Cells are being used, the applicant must include the registration number of the cell lines.