Grants and Programs

Each year, all regular, continuing full-time faculty of Emory University are invited to submit one application in one of the six URC award categories. URC eligibility follows criteria for “full-time faculty” as defined within each school. Postdocs, Fellows, Adjuncts, and part-time faculty are not eligible.

An award cycle begins in late Spring of the current year and ends 12 months later in the following year. All research is expected to begin and end during the 12-month award term. If the research cannot be completed within this 12-month period, the URC will consider a single request for a no-cost extension (NCE). Please contact the URC Administrator for further details.

Multiple URC application submissions are not permitted. A faculty member may fill the position of applicant or co-applicant on one URC application per award cycle. Faculty members who receive a URC award are ineligible to submit another URC proposal for 3 award cycles following the award acceptance year, regardless of role.

URC Awards

URC grants of up to $30,000 are awarded in six categories:

  • Arts: Performing/Visual
  • Biological & Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics & Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Special Category: Interdisciplinary proposals with 2 or more applicants - $40,000 maximum

URC-Halle Institute Global Research Award

Applicants focused on international research will be considered for the URC-Halle Institute for Global Research Award via the standard URC categories.

Learn more about the URC-Halle Institute Award