Term of service for a sub-committee member:

Sub-committee members serve 36-month terms. In rare instances, a term may be extended for an additional 12 months upon recommendation of the subcommittee chair and approval by the URC co-Directors.

May a sub-committee member submit a URC proposal?

Subcommittee members may not submit proposals to any URC subcommittee while serving with the URC.  Subcommittee members who do not complete the full 36-month term for any reason, will be ineligible to submit a proposal until the full term ends, or 12-months from the time of their resignation, whichever is shorter. Resignations will not be back-dated.

How do I serve as a URC subcommittee member?

Full-time faculty interested in serving as a URC subcommittee member may do so by contacting the URC.  Subcommittee candidates may also be recommended by other members of the URC committee.  Names of interested faculty, and recommendations by other committee members, will be presented to the URC co-Directors for consideration. 

What are the responsibilities of a URC subcommittee member?

Subcommittee members are full-time Emory faculty whose responsibilities to the URC involve the review and critique of proposals submitted for URC awards.  Depending upon which committee you serve, attendance may be required at one meeting of the full subcommittee for selection of proposals to be presented to the URC co-Directors for award consideration.