Instructions for Completing the URC Online Application

The URC accepts proposals through its online web portal only.

Access the Web Portal  

Research Documents and Application FORMS

NOTE: All documents pertaining to the proposed research project of your application must be uploaded to the application portal as a single PDF file.

Please provide the following documents in a single PDF file in the following order:

  1. Brief Lay Person’s Abstract. 250 word maximum accessible to a lay public. Required for all applications.
  2. If resubmitting an unawarded proposal from a prior year, include a one-page (maximum) detailed justification addressing all modifications. Be sure to indicate this page as a Resubmission Justification (this page is a requirement for resubmissions, only.)
  3. Detailed Itemized Budget with justification of each item.
  4. Abstracts of the applicant’s (and co-applicant’s, as applicable for some interdisciplinary proposals) currently funded grants (please note any scientific or academic overlap with the URC proposal.)
  5. Research Plan - six pages maximum. If the project involves collaboration with an international partner, include a statement describing the collaboration and an indication of how the research will be shared with international partners. The applicant should include a letter of invitation/commitment from partnering institutions such as universities, research centers, archives, libraries, laboratories and/or government agencies.
  6. CV of Applicant. Two-page maximum. One applicant per submission except for interdisciplinary applications. For interdisciplinary applications, co-applicants are permitted and must include a 2-page (maximum) CV. A standard 5-page NIH Biosketch is also acceptable.
  7. Bibliography of works cited in this URC proposal.
  8. URC Application Certification Page. All applicants and co-applicants must submit individual certification forms signed by their respective unit head (e.g., Department Chair).
  9. For those applications requesting course release financial support, a formal school-generated document designating approval for course release must be included. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain formal approval for course release from your Dean, and, as appropriate, through your unit head (e.g., Department Chair).

When the portal opens, select "URC Start Grant Application" from the list of options on the landing page. The URC application form will open and you may begin inserting the required information.


October 3, 2022 through January 17, 2023 at 11:59 PM

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