Welcome to the University Research Committee Website

The University Research Committee is responsible for awarding small, short-term research grants available to regular, full-time faculty of Emory University through a competitive selection process. The program supports research and creative projects of faculty in fields for which there is little or no external funding, or which explore new areas of research that are likely to attract outside support.

Compared to similar programs at other leading research institutions, Emory’s program is distinctive in a number of ways including its inclusiveness, being open to all full-time faculty members, and the review process being comprised entirely of faculty peers.

The URC provides a number of benefits to the Emory University research community. The most important of course is resources to support short-term research endeavors of individual faculty members.  Emory URC reviewers include faculty of all ranks from throughout the university, including distinguished senior faculty.  For many junior faculty, serving as a URC reviewer is their first experience on a review committee, which provides valuable experience when they are later called upon to serve on committees associated with outside funding agencies. Reviewers are often drawn from outside a scholar's home discipline, creating the dual benefit of reviewers becoming exposed to research outside their core and authors getting feedback that is inter-disciplinary.

The URC functions because of the time and energy of many faculty volunteers who assist in the review process. Much of the URC’s success is due to their efforts. On behalf of all faculty, we would like to thank them for their service.

Finally, if you have a research idea that is short-term in nature, or might lead in a promising new direction, we would like to encourage you to consider applying for URC funding.

Lanny Liebeskind, PhD, URC Director
Emory University Vice Provost for Strategic Research Initiatives
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Chemistry

James Nagy, PhD, URC Co-Director
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor and Chair
Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics

Tom Clark, PhD, URC Co-Director
Charles Howard Candler Professor
Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Political Science

Carlos Moreno, PhD, URC Co-Director
Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 
Director, Cancer Biology PhD Program